Francis Lung's new video for 'I Wanna Live in My Dreams'

Francis Lung Signs to Memphis Industries; Releases Vintage Music Video Using ’50s Newspapers

“Who will make my dreams come true?”

Francis Lung has come a long way since his involvement with the band WU LYF. He released the first half of a two-part project back in 2015, and the second part in 2016. Both were met with considerable fanfare, and he has been building his brand ever since.

Today, the artist released a new single and made a major announcement. Tom McClung, the man behind the music, signed his first record deal under the “Francis Lung” moniker.

The new single, I Wanna Live In My Dreams, is his first song to be released as part of his new deal with Memphis Industries. Under the British independent record label, McClung is now in the company of other UK-based artists like Rozi Plain, The Go! Team, Field Music, Barbarossa, and a cast of other prominent musicians.

The fantastic newly-released music video involves more than a fair share of arts and crafts work.

“I spent countless hours making the music video for this one, using paper, sharpies, pastels, pencils, crayons, Vogue magazines, newspapers from the 50’s, and keyframe animation,” said McClung, in an announcement.

“It’s about a boy who falls asleep and turns into ‘Ghostface,’ his ghost alter ego. Ghostface travels through the boy’s imagination looking for solace, discovering outer space, the ‘Book Of Love,’ and various alternate realities.”

“Ghostface” is a recurring character in some of McClung’s webcomics, but until now the illustrations have been yet to tie-in to his music.

Since the announcement, Memphis Industries publicly welcomed Francis Lung into its roster.

“We’re thrilled to announce Francis Lung is the latest addition to the Memphis Industries cannon!” said the label, in a tweet. “His new single I Wanna Live In My Dreams is out now everywhere, stream it or watch the fantastic animated video.”

As for the song itself, the entire piece is one of introspective questioning. It’s hard not to draw parallels between lyrics that describe a persona trying to understand the world around him, and an up-and-coming musician who is likely trying to find his place in it.

“Who will make my dreams come true?” the singer asks. With this new announcement, we can only hope that Francis Lung is a little closer to finding out.