Levinsky - Method to the Madness

Levinsky Discusses How Technology Is Inspiring Musicians, and Why He’s Donating Proceeds to Charity

Out of the growing scene that surrounds synthwave and ‘80s film soundtrack tributes, Levinsky is one artist in particular that has been building a name for himself this year.

The Levinsky act that many have recently become familiar with is the work of a Finnish musician by the name of Petteri Leiviskä. Last month, he released his new EP Method to the Madness.

Now, as part of a DEEPLESS interview, Levinsky spoke about how technology is influencing a new music scene, donating his recent proceeds to charity, and why he wants his music to sound “cinematic.”

How new technology is inspiring independent musicians

It’s no secret that new technologies have created a wealth of opportunities for electronic artists to create music on their own. What can be easily to overlook, however, is how drastically the scene has changed in the last decade alone.  

“It’s come a long way,” Levinsky said, addressing how technology has shaped the music scene over the last few years. He explained that in the modern day, even the standard purchase of something like a MacBook comes equipped with software that can help new artists get started.

Of course, this software barely scratches the surface of what’s available to today’s musicians. For those operating in genres heavily dominated by synthesizers, having access to new technology is especially helpful.

According to Levinsky, technology doesn’t just give him access to make music, it inspires him as an artist. In fact, it even allowed him to borrow sounds from one of his icons, Jean-Michel Jarre; a French artist he calls a classic pioneer of electronic music.

“For the new EP, I literally wanted to use some of [Jarre’s] usual sounds. The opening track ‘Abandon’ features some synthesizer sounds that Jean Michel Jarre uses,” he said. “I actually bought a sound pack from Arturia; a French synthesizer manufacturer, and I just experimented with the sounds.”

A miracle happened in the way that just playing around with the typical sounds of someone I look up to can spring up such an inspiration that it was pretty easy for me to write that short opening track.”

Why he’s donating proceeds from his new EP to charity

“The majority of comments I received [about] the new EP is that it sounds like a soundtrack, it sounds very cinematic,” said Levinsky. “To me that is a great compliment.”

The five-track Method to the Madness EP blends dark electro and synthwave sounds, and was released on Bandcamp in September. Recently, Levinsky made the decision to donate all past and future digital proceeds from the project to charity.

“I thought, as a person in a western society, I consider that many westerners in the nordic societies are actually more ‘elite’ than they ever come to think of,” he said. “Many people have jobs, they have income, they have a place to stay – they might even own that place, they have food and everything else. Unfortunately it seems like not many people are grateful about that.”

So I thought: I’m employed, I have all the basics. Everything’s prim and proper. Donating the proceeds from the EP to charity will even add more value to my music than it already has to me.”

Levinsky wants you to close your eyes and hear a soundtrack

“I’ve been into music pretty much all my life, and I’ve been in bands and played all kinds of stuff: rock, alternative rock, punk, pop, metal…” said Levinsky. “I was also a singer for a synthpop band at the turn of the millennium.”

In the modern day, Levinsky sees himself blending several genres in his music. However, he is in many ways a product of the ‘80s. Growing up, he was influenced by the pop culture emergences of the time, such as classic horror movies, the music of John Carpenter, and the release of the Atari 2600; a console credited with popularizing games on ROM cartridges.

I sort of have that ‘80s legacy in me, in the back of my head, [and] in my soul all the time.”

As for what Levinsky wants you to take away from his music, he explained that he strives to create a cinematic score to accompany the imagination of his listeners.

“I would like them to close their eyes and watch the movie that the music makes them see,” he added. “To just let their thoughts and dreams flow and take shape with the music.”

While his recent Method to the Madness EP was entirely instrumental, Levinsky did tease that he will release two remixes of his own songs to include prominent female vocals in the near future. Harkening back to his synthpop days, you’ll also be able to hear Levinsky sing on the new Adam Ford album and on a soon-to-be-released single from Cosmo Cocktail.

“I would like to thank to everybody who has been following me, contacting me, and making friends on social media,” he said. “I’m very grateful to be able to do what I’m doing, and I value every single minute of it. I’m a very happy man when it comes to making music and witnessing how nice and encouraging the whole synthwave community seems to be.”

As for right now, you can stream Method to the Madness on most platforms, or purchase the project on Bandcamp, with digital proceeds going to charity.