VVOV - Necrogorod

Finnish Synth Musician VVOV’s ‘Necrogorod’ EP is Interesting and Unkind

In a set of four tracks, VVOV tells the audience to keep an ear out for what’s on the horizon.

VVOV’s recent EP Necrogorod makes the clever choice of setting its tone from the beginning of the first track. It opens to the sound of heavy, crackling rain on what seems like an unilluminated night. Given that the artist is from Finland, you’d imagine there would be no absence of days to take inspiration from.

After all, the country is a ‘Land of the Midnight Sun;’ where the entirety of winter can be almost pitch-black.

“Wetware Trauma,” the first track on the EP, reminds me of the unforgettable intro to Bon Jovi’s 1986 “Livin’ On A Prayer.” However, it is much crueler in its intention and quickly ramps up in traditional Synthwave fashion.

It wouldn’t be childish to call VVOV’s work here mean, since all four songs seem intent on outdoing themselves in terms of volume and grimace.

“Plague Cult” is the EP’s standout track. Like the other songs on here, it is menacing and unforgiving. At times, it manages to present similar eeriness to songs on John Carpenter’s score for the 1978 slasher Halloween.

“Chernobog Shootout,” is a thumping gabber track, while “Drive Away” is a somewhat typical Cyberpunk-inspired song. While neither succeed at being as interesting or ambitious as the EP’s first two tracks, both are decent nonetheless.

On a longer project, VVOV would likely benefit from the occasional mood shift to avoid the songs melding together in a way that stops them from being distinct. Given that this is only a 12~ minute EP, this is far from an issue on Necrogorod.

Ultimately, this EP presents a promising set of tracks from an artist I hadn’t heard before. Moving forward, I’m excited to hear what VVOV will sound like on a full-length release.


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